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Loreal Butterfly Mascara is the WORST!

Hey you! Can you see me from there? I’m jumping up and down, frantically waving my arms to get your attention and tell you to take that Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara out of your grocery cart. It is the WORST! Here is my Loreal Butterfly Mascara review:

On the heels of my popular Ultimate Mascara Comparison post, I have already started working on comparing other mascaras for Part 2. Loreal Butterfly was so bad that it merited its own post and I felt compelled to tell you IMMEDIATELY to save your $6.

Problems (there are many):

–the non-flexible, skinny plastic brush is a little hard to maneuver.

–it deposits mascara in a way that makes your lashes stick together, instead of individualized lashes.

–the fibers do not add as much length as much as other drugstore mascaras (likeCoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions or Maybelline Illegal Length).

–it FLAKES! I have never, ever had a problem with mascara flaking. I kept noticing little black dots around my eyelids, and I thought, “Oh how weird, I totally smudged my mascara up there when I was putting it on.” As this kept happening throughout the day, I finally realized, hey WAIT! Those are flakes!

It doesn’t look horrible in this photo, but I think it looks more “mascara-y” or spidery than other mascaras I’ve tried. I have Loreal Butterfly on both my eyes here, but for some reason my right eyelashes look a lot longer. Maybe I spent more time on that eye.

Loreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes, or even the original Voluminous mascara, are both far superior to the Butterfly. I am predicting that Loreal Voluminous Butterfly will be discontinued within two years.

Avoid! That is all.




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