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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Beauty Picks

Here are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 beauty picks! I can’t get excited about suede booties and cardigans just yet, but the beauty bargains on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 are sooo good! The #nsale is the best time to buy one of my Holy Grail beauty devices, like the Spectralite LED Mask for $150 off or the gloPRO. I spent countless hours sifting through over 10,000 SKUs to analyze not only what I think are the best beauty products included in the sale, but also which are the most discounted/best value.

Also to sweeten the deal, most of the brands are doing incredible Gifts With Purchase during the #nsale! Click here to browse the Gifts with Purchase.

Urban Decay Setting Spray

IN STOCK. Perhaps the best deal of the #nsale (and the item I personally want the most), is this jumbo + travel size set of the Urban Decay Setting Spray ($94 value for $48!) Setting spray seems gimmicky, but I swear it makes a huge difference in the weartime of my makeup. I never leave my house without spritzing my All Nighter!

Previous sales have included a duo of the setting spray (and that set always sells out early), but I have never seen a set this great at any retailer. Adding to cart now!

Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite

OUT OF STOCK, YET STILL AVAILABLE FOR FULL PRICE ON THEIR SITE. WHICH DOESN’T SEEM FAIR :( Act fast on the Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite LED Mask because it constantly sells out at Sephora (and was sold out during the entirety of the Sephora VIB sale)!

The Spectralite Facewear Pro LED Mask (new to the #nsale this year) makes you look like a space-age version of The Man in the Iron Mask while treating fine lines and wrinkles. There is scientific research showing that blue LED light improves acne (by killing bacteria) and red LED light has anti-aging properties.

Dr. Dennis Gross conducted a two-week, daily-use clinical study of the Spectralite, and found that over 97% of subjects showed overall improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone, and acne. That plus the rave reviews on Sephora were enough for me to buy the Spectralite at full price ($435).

I’ve only used the Spectralite for a couple weeks, but I can report that a single use immediately decreased redness and made my skin just look better and more calm.

I *think* the Spectralite may have shortened the life cycle of some zits I had going on, but it is difficult to gauge that. It is supposed to help cut down on acne breakouts over time, so I will definitely continue using it daily. I do feel like it is fading my post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (those red marks left behind by zits) more quickly. Overall I am very happy with my Spectralite purchase and I would recommend buying it, especially on sale.


IN STOCK. I bought the Dermaflash during the #nsale two years ago and have turned so many people onto it since then! Almost every single gal I know needs this at-home derma planing device to remove the fine peach fuzz we all get on our faces as we get older. I use my Dermaflash once every one or two months.

Now on #nsale the Dermaflash is $150 instead of $225. It was a slightly better deal last year ($126, but it didn’t include the Prep Pads, so they called the value $189). Last year this item sold out, so it might be good to buy this on Early Access!

gloPRO Microneedling Device

IN STOCK. Several friends have told me the gloPRO Microneedling Device ($360 value on sale for $279) is their favorite thing they have ever bought from my blog.The gloPRO is a roller device covered with tiny needles that you use once or twice a week to boost collagen production. About 16-24 hours after I use it, I can see an obvious, visible difference in the way I look: my skin is poreless (like I put on a sheet mask), plumped, and slightly lifted (probably from the added plumpness). The gloPRO is different from other dermarollers because it also emits red LED light that has been scientifically proven to promote healing and further stimulate collagen production.

This year’s Anniversary Sale gloPRO set also includes the larger head attachment to be used on your body. [For reference, last year’s set included the eye attachment instead of body, and was on sale for $269). I have not tried the body attachment, but it is supposed to improve firmness and dimpling. I do know that dermatologists use in-office SkinPen procedures to improve firmness and dimpling on the body, so it makes sense that the gloPRO body would work to some degree as well.

IN STOCK. The NuFace Trinity is also on the sale, $217 instead of $325. I honestly don’t think this is a good buy because I like the NuFace Mini just as well (it’s not on the sale) and it is cheaper. I have a whole post comparing the NuFace Trinity vs. Mini here. You would be better off waiting for the Sephora or Dermstore sale where you can get the NuFace Mini at 20% off. Or the NuFace Mini is available on Amazon Prime right now for 30% off!

I am a firm believer in the NuFace microcurrent technology to lift sagging jowls and improve skin tone. Been using it for years now and have turned so many people (including my mom!) onto this!

Kiehl’s Jumbos

IN STOCK. For the 3rd year in a row, the jumbo size of the classic yellow Kiehls Jumbo Creme de Corps (with pump) is one of Nordstrom’s top sellers during the sale. I have owned this lotion twice in my life, and it is definitely the best body lotion out there, hands down. They used to only sell this jumbo size at Christmas, but no matter the time of year, it is always difficult to justify spending $78 on body lotion. But it truly does moisturize better than your drugstore Aveeno or Eucerin, and on the #nsale it is $48.

This is actually an even better deal than last year, when the jumbo size was $52 (vs. $48 this year!). I mean, what other blogger is tracking these prices year over year?!?

They also have the jumbo size of the Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner ($58 value for $40) which I love because it will detangle darn near anything.

Also a jumbo size of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. My favorite of all Kiehl’s skincare. This is one of the few oils that doesn’t break me out, and I see brightening and calming after just one night’s use.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Duo

IN STOCK. There are no silk eye masks included in this year’s sale as in years past. Our consolation prize is a duo set of the Slip silk pillowcases ($170 value on sale for $119; the good silk pillowcases are all stupid expensive). I always use a silk pillowcase to both protect my hair from breakage and to lessen any harsh lines that a regular cotton pillowcase can leave if you are a side sleeper.

That said, I have no way of verifying whether sleeping on a silk pillowcase actually makes a measurable difference. So just like my silk eye mask- I opt for a silk pillowcase just in case it works. I suggest you do the same. It would also make a nice, innocuous gift for mother-in-law/SIL types.

Sunday Riley Skincare Set

IN STOCK. This amazing Sunday Riley Sunday’s Essentials set might be the best skincare set of the sale. It is a $148 value on sale for $99. It contains five decent size of her best selling products.

Y’all know I love the Good Genes serum so much to even out skintone and fight lines. Multiple repurchase item for me, and I recommend it all the time to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because lactic acid is a safe way to even out skin tone. The set also includes one of my favorite antioxidant serums, the CEO Vitamin C serum. I am currently using the newish CEO Cream as my night cream and I absolutely love it- so rich (without breaking me out) and brightening. The Sunday’s Essentials set also contains Ceramic Slip (a gentle clay-based deep cleanser), and Auto-Correct Eye Cream (accidentally cut out of my photo, maybe subconsciously because I didn’t like it that much).


IN STOCK. OK, I think I’m finally going to break down and buy the NuBody Skin Toning Set since it is $269 (vs. $399!) One of my favorite skincare bloggers, Vanessa (@goalstogetglowing), sent me VERY convincing before and after photos of her thigh/butt area after she used the NuBody for a month or so. She had amazing results in terms of tightening and reducing dimples/cellulite. You can read her review of the NuBody here (you have to scroll down a bit).


IN STOCK. Now a product that distracts from little imperfections like veins on your legs. Charlotte Tilbury her Supermodel Body Hydrate & Glow Body Lotion is supposed to be awesome, and it is $75 for a jumbo size instead of $214!!!

OUT OF STOCK. If you are a fan of the amazing (but expensive) Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, they have a duo that also includes a dry shampoo for $61 ($92 value). The Dry Texturizing Spray is pretty much the gold standard for giving body and texture to fine hair!

Makeup Sets

The makeup set selection is SO good this year because cosmetics companies have gotten wise to the fact that everyone just wants pretty wearable colors and formulas. You could buy any number of the sets offered this year and be very satisfied. But four really caught my eye because of the shades offered and the value:

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Set

BACKORDERED UNTIL 8/1. Straight down the fairway, every blogger is going to recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Kit. Last year I got the Charlotte Tilbury nude lipstick set and I absolutely fell in love with her lipstick formula! If you are a frequent reader of this blog then you know that the shade Kim KW has become my current #1 fave lipstick. This year they are offering the Pillow Talk Lip Kit, which includes 3 full-size products: the best-selling Pillow Talk lipliner (I own it, love it), and the recently released Pillow Talk lipstick and gloss. I promise this formula and shade is worth the splurge!

Tom Ford

IN STOCK. This Tom Ford Soleil Eye, Lip and Face Set is what I’m personally going to order (if there are any left by the time we non-cardholders can shop). The highlighters, and cream and powder shadows are so luxurious and glowy. My gut feeling is that this is a lot of Tom Ford for $100, since you don’t usually get much Tom Ford for $100.

Too Faced Pretty Rich Makeup Kit

IN STOCK. I have two thoughts on eyeshadow palettes: 1) you only need to own one; and 2) they make good gifts. The shadows from Too Faced are very high quality, and I like the shade selection in the Too Faced Pretty Rich Makeup Set. You get the funky glitter shades for when you are feeling extra, but also the standard neutrals. Plus you get the Better Than Sex mascara that everybody loves, and a lip gloss. PLUS they have a Too Faced Gift With Purchase right now.

Bobbi Brown Palette

IN STOCK. Bobbi Brown always has the best full face palettes. Great formula, shades, and value. At least according to Bobbi Brown’s math, The Essential Deluxe Eye & Face Palette is a $267 value for $85.

Nest Candle Duo

IN STOCK. When I first started buying Nest candles, they were $25 each. These potent candles have gone up in price since, except during the #nsale! This pair of Grapefruit candles (or you can get one Grapefruit and one Sicilian Tangerine) is $52 ($84 value). I once met the Nest founder, and she said the Grapefruit candle is the one she personally uses in her home!

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Like a Pro

IN STOCK. For those of you who are devotees of the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads, this Peel Like a Pro set seems like a really good value ($197 value for $130).

Simple Human Mirrors

BOTH IN STOCK. I don’t really need another mirror in my bathroom, but after people spotted the Simple Human mirrors in my video from the Nordstrom store, they were saying they are great! There are two Simple Human mirrors on the sale, and I have not personally tried either of them. This Simple Human Round Sensor Mirror Pro is $100 off ($150 instead of $250). The Wide View Tri-Fold Mirror (regularly $400) is $250.

Happy shopping!







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