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The Best of Target Skincare

Is there anything better than a Target run sans kiddos? Target’s great with kids too, but their pointing at everything saying, “I want THAT!” gets annoying. I mean, I do it too, but on the inside. {adds to cart} Today’s post is about the best Target skincare items that I always throw in my cart during my Target runs.


Target compensated me to write this post. As per my usual policy, I only accept sponsorships from multi-brand retailers that allow me to choose the products I feature and subject matter of my post. Target also gave me a $25 gift card, which, as you can imagine, did not come close to covering everything in my red cart.

Also worth mentioning: Target is offering a $5 gift card toward a future purchase when you spend $25 on select skincare. Offer runs now through 1/25/2020.

Skincare Staples

There are several skincare staples I buy when I’m at Target just to make sure that I always have in backstock at my house. I have no fewer than two of the Fresh Foaming Cleanser in backstock in my bathroom at all times. I have used this cleanser at night since college to remove makeup, dirt and oil, and as I always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Same with Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: I always throw a handful into my cart when I’m at Target just so I don’t run out. Because I literally get the sweats if I run out of these little blue oil-absorbing sheets. I think that is an addiction, but there’s no stopping me now.

For years I’ve been on the hunt for a reasonably-priced body cream that is super hydrating. So far my favorite has been Cerave Moisturizing Cream (the one in a tub with a pump). The Cerave has lasting moisture and helps restore your skin’s protective barrier. I also like the “pump tub” as opposed to a normal lotion bottle because you can more easily eek out the last dregs of lotion at the bottom. The Cerave is a multiple repurchase item for me.

For my hands at night, I keep a small tub of the Eucerin Original Healing Cream by my bedside. The Eucerin is too thick and time-consuming to rub over my whole body, but I do think it provides extra intense moisture for my hands that are dried out from doing dishes and washing my hands 732 times per day because of all the toddler germs around me! If I’m feeling extra dry, I will first rub an oil, like Bio-Oil on my hands, and then seal the moisture in with a generous layer of Eucerin.

People ask me all the time what sunscreen I recommend. I use La Roche Posay Melt-In Sunscreen Milk on my face and body any time I am not wearing makeup or am doing physical activity outside (sweating or in water). The Melt In-Sunscreen Milk was rated the top sunscreen by Consumer Reports. So without a way to independently verify a sunscreen’s efficacy myself, I rely on that Consumer Reports research. I use the La Roche Posay on my kids too and I have had the best luck with no burning when I put the La Roche Posay on my kids. Reapply often!

Last Minute Masks

Of course I appreciate it when you buy beauty products online through my links because I make a commission. But more than anyone I understand that sometimes you have a masking emergency and just need it NOW. Or maybe you want to brighten your ho-hum day by throwing a promising new mask in your red cart. Target’s got you.

My local Target store used to carry my fave cheapo mask, the My Beauty Diary mask. I haven’t found it in store lately, but they do still carry it online. I think all the varieties of the mask work the same. Usually I get the Black Pearl (pink box) or the Hyaluronic Acid (blue box). They plump lines, brighten, add radiance and a look of porelessness.

I have also been very impressed with the Bliss masks I have tried (and the price is right!) I bought a small jar of the Mighty Marshmallow last year and immediately repurchased the full size. It has a lovely, whipped texture and leaves my skin visibly brightened and more glowy. The Marshmallow hydrates a bit too, but if you want serious moisture, the Bliss In the Honey mask is amazing (probably one of my top 3 moisture masks ever). The trade off is the Honey is a little sticky and not a joy to wear like the Marshmallow. I can’t find a link to the Honey mask online but maybe you can find it in your local Target store.

Are you traveling and forgot your depuffing eye patches? I recently found a great option at Target: the Pixi DetoxifEYE Eye Patches. I usually do not like the hydrogel type patches, but Pixi seems to have solved all the problems I have with them: (1) there is a spatula included that makes it easy to pry the patches apart, (2) they do not slide down your face like other gel ones (are you listening, Tatcha?!) and (3) they actually make a visible difference in my under eye darkness. I was really impressed with how well the Pixi eye patches plump up the hollows under my eyes (making bags and darkness less apparent.) Highly recommend and would repurchase. Like all eye patches, I recommend you store them in the fridge for extra depuffing!

Pixi also makes a FortifEYE Eye Patch that is for hydrating and firming. Since I was so impressed with the DetoxifEYE I am going to go back for the others to see if they are good for fine lines. I’m still looking for a great under eye patch to wear overnight to prevent the puffiness and darkness, so maybe that will be a winner!

I also picked up a couple of new masks from Versed, the Hydrating and Plumping one and the Photo Ready Brightening and Tightening one. I was not familiar with the brand but was attracted to the modern, clean packaging and then the online reviews of these two masks great (especially the Brightening one).

I got the Vampire Facial earlier this week so I didn’t want to try anything too active, so I haven’t tried the Versed Brightening mask yet. But the Hydrate mask was very nice. Not going to change your life, but it felt nice and left my skin hydrated. Great to grab for a girls’ weekend!

Have fun on your next Target skincare run!



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