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Drugstore Dupe for Benefit Roller Lash!

I found the perfect drugstore dupe for Benefit Roller Lash! It is the brand, spankin’ new CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara. The entire CoverGirl LashBlast line of mascaras is very good across the board, and until recently I have been devoted to CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions. But then I discovered Benefit Roller Lash, and became an instant convert. Months later the newest CoverGirl mascara release has wooed me back to the drugstore aisles! The new Super Sizer Mascara is nearly identical to RollerLash, but less smudge-prone and much cheaper! Read on for my CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara Review…

I almost walked right past the newest CoverGirl Lashblast mascara release. Marketed as a volumizing mascara, The Super Sizer promises “400% corner-to-corner volume.” I usually go for lengthening mascaras over volumizing ones, and I do not like oversized mascara brushes (like Diorshow), so I assumed the Super Sizer would not be for me. Also the last new CoverGirl mascara I experimented with, the Full Lash Bloom mascara repped by the lovely Katy Perry, was a total bust. That mascara sucks {thumbs down emoji}.

Anyway, something on the Super Sizer packaging caught my eye… it said “Unique Lash Styler, Twirl As You Apply.” That sounded very similar to Benefit Roller Lash’s claim: “[Our] patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush features tiny custom-designed hooks to catch, lift, and curl even short and straight lashes.” Compare the two mascaras’ instructions:

CoverGirl The Super Sizer:

“Slightly twirl the Lash Styler as you apply.”

Benefit Roller Lash:

“As the wand moves up the lashes, slowly rotate the tip inward and up so the curve of the wand matches the eye contour, coating even the innermost and outermost lashes.”

Even though the mascara wands themselves are slightly different, both mascaras are meant to be applied in the same rotating motion, and produce the exact same lifting, eye-opening effect on the lashes. **Ed. note: I accidentally picked up the Brown shade of the CoverGirl, so do not compare the relative blackness of the two mascaras.

CoverGirl describes this lash look as “full, fanned-out lashes,” vs. Benefit describes it as “super-curling and lifting mascara that gives a sexy, wide-eyed look.” Either way, they are nearly identical products in terms of application with identical results on the lash. Both Roller Lash and The Super Sizer have the same consistency and level of clumpiness– any volumizing mascara is going to be slightly clumpier than, say, CoverGirl Clump Crusher. But neither product is overly clumpy.

The two mascaras are also similar in that the first swipe is a little underwhelming. But let it dry ever so slightly (maybe 5 seconds?), and then continue to add coats, especially to the lash tips, to build out the length. I think that as the formula dries, that is what causes the lashes to curl and create a lifted, eye-opening look.

Here are a few views of how Cover Girl The Super Sizer looks on:

Wearing NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Banana Split.

Here is what I Benefit Roller Lash looks like on:

A side by side view (keeping in mind The Super Sizer is in Brown, so don’t compare the relative blackness):

But wait, there’s more! I’ll be so bold as to say that CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara is even BETTER than the Roller Lash! Benefit Roller Lash is almost perfect, except that it tends to leave smudges underneath your eyebrows. I find that if I apply BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow, it prevents the smudging from happening. But who needs that extra step with the CoverGirl! The CoverGirl formula does not leave smudges at all, even without an eyeshadow primer.

Smudging courtesy of Benefit Roller Lash // Brow shaping booked on the BeautyNow app (Eye Candy Lash & Brow Couture, Houston, TX)

Bottom Line: CoverGirl does it again– The Super Sizer might just be mascara perfection. It applies and wears like Benefit Roller Lash, but without the smudging. Also, FYI I still like CoverGirl ClumpCrusher Extensions, and will continue to purchase for applying on top of other mascaras for extra length and de-clumping. But I think The Super Sizer might be overall better! And since they are so cheap, you can buy both :)



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8 Responses to “Drugstore Dupe for Benefit Roller Lash!”

  1. Ashley D.D. says:

    I found you on Refinery29, thanks for the review, had not heard of this mascara, going to go grab one!! :)

  2. candice says:

    Voluminous, dramatic, daring. Love the Supersizer Mascara from covergirl, the volume is wonderful!

  3. E.C. from D.C. says:

    I’m definitely gonna check for the CoverGirl Super Sizer. I have short thin natural lashes tho.

    • Beautynowapp says:

      I think you will like it! It makes your lashes look longer because it makes them curled/lifted/stand up straighter (if that makes sense) :) xoxo @beautynowapp

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