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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Beauty Picks

I can’t quite get excited about suede booties and cardigans, but the beauty bargains on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are sooo good this year! ! There are so many more beauty items this year, and the preview catalog only contained 20 of them, so I am frantically looking through the site this morning to find the best items. Plus it is the best time to buy one of my Holy Grail beauty devices, like the NuFace for $110 off or gloPRO. Here are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 beauty picks:

The #1 best deal of #nsale is the gloPRO Microneedling Device. In fact several friends have told me it is their favorite thing they have ever bought from my blog.

The gloPRO is a roller device covered with tiny needles that you use once or twice a week to boost collagen production. About 16-24 hours after I use it, I can see an obvious, visible difference in the way I look: my skin is poreless (like I put on a sheet mask), plumped, and slightly lifted (probably from the added plumpness). The gloPRO is different from other dermarollers because it also emits red LED light that has been scientifically proven to promote healing and further stimulate collagen production.

This Anniversary Sale set also includes the smaller eye roller attachment. Make sure you use your gloPRO to roll over your under eye hollow area, really close to your eye socket (be careful!) I have noticed the biggest improvement in plumping the hollows under my eyes, one of the first places we start to show age, contributing to a more haggard appearance. I think that immediate plumping in the eye hollow area is why I look so much fresher the day after I use the gloPRO! Highly, highly recommend the gloPRO, and on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it is $169 instead of $269.

Another huge benefit of the gloPRO is that for 30 seconds or so after you use it, skincare products are able to penetrate much more deeply. The hydrating serum included in the gloPRO set is okay, but I notice a much bigger improvement in terms of plumping and glow to my skin when I pair my gloPRO with my all-time favorite anti-aging serum, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. One reason I love Advanced Night Repair is because it is so reasonably priced compared to other serums, and there is a great set included in #nsale.

Another great serum for drier, more mature skins is the two-pack of the best-selling Clarins Double Serum. My mother-in-law really likes that one. And what a great value- one for you and one for your MIL!

Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliating Device: I bought this during last year’s sale and have turned so many people onto it since then! It is an at-home derma planing device that I use once a month to remove the fine peach fuzz all over my face. Now on #nsale the Dermaflash is $126 instead of $189. I price compared against Amazon to make sure it was a truly a good deal, and it is $189 on Amazon. Last year this item sold out, so it might be good to buy this on Early Access! Note that the device pictured above is the old model, not the 2.0 version but they work the same.

The NuFace Trinity is also on the sale, $217 instead of $325. I have the NuFace Mini, and swear by the microcurrent technology that lifts sagging jowls and improves skin tone. Been using it for years now and have turned so many people (including my mom!) onto this! Warning, the NuFace sold out last year so act fast.

My favorite sleeping eye mask is on #nsale! I went on an eye mask deep dive about a year ago, and tested several different brands for comfort and superior light blockage. The best by far is the Iluminage Skin Reguvenating Eye Mask, the most effective and comfortable one I found! Buy it for that reason alone, although Iluminage claims that the real benefit is the copper technology that is clinically proven to improve skin in four weeks. I have no way to gauge whether the anti-aging properties of the eye mask are working for me, but I do know it is the best eye mask out there. Get it on sale for $23 vs. $35 regular price, making it a great holiday gift for mom and sis! And obviously buy one for yourself too, because you don’t want mom and sis to start looking younger than you, just in case that copper mumbo jumbo actually works.

This year a Slip silk pillowcase is also included in the sale. I always use a silk pillowcase to both protect my hair from breakage and to lessen any harsh lines that a regular cotton pillowcase can leave if you are a side sleeper. That said, I have no way of verifying whether sleeping on a silk pillowcase actually makes a measurable difference. How would one test that? Perhaps sew together a half cotton, half silk pillowcase and then wait a year to see which side of my face is more lined and haggard? So just like my silk eye mask- I opt for a silk pillowcase just in case it works. I suggest you do the same.

I have never heard of the Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Facial Device, but it has fantastic reviews. I had never heard of the me Bright before last year’s sale, and it turned out to be fantastic. So for $99 I  am going to try the Silk’n FaceFX this year and report back!

For the 3rd year in a row, the jumbo size of the classic yellow Kiehls Jumbo Creme de Corps (with pump) is one of Nordstrom’s top sellers during the sale. I have owned this lotion twice in my life, and it is definitely the best body lotion out there, hands down. They used to only sell this jumbo size at Christmas, but no matter the time of year, it is always difficult to justify spending $75 on lotion. But it truly does moisturize better than your drugstore Aveeno or Eucerin, and on the #nsale it is $52.


Last year I got the Charlotte Tilbury nude lipstick set and I absolutely fell in love with her lipstick formula! If you are a frequent reader of this blog then you know that the shade Kim KW has become my current #1 fave lipstick. This year they are offering the Pretty in Pink lipstick set, which also includes her best-selling Pillow Talk lipliner (I own it, love it). I promise this formula is worth the splurge!

What I’m personally going to order is the Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Glowing set that includes the Wonder Glow tinted moisturizer. A makeup-obsessed friend of mine swears Wonder Glow is life-changing and it’s been on my list for awhile. The set also has deluxe sample sizes of her cult-fave Magic Cream. I have tried single-size samples of the Magic Cream a couple times and liked it, but have not yet shelled out for the full size.

I might also get the Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Glowing Skin Palette because apparently her highlighters and bronzer are the best (but I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never tried!) This palette includes highlighters, bronzers, and several shades of blush so you have a shade that will work with your coloring all year long!

Sorry, one more Charlotte Tilbury- her Supermodel Body Hydrate & Glow Body Lotion is supposed to be awesome, and it is $75 for a jumbo size instead of $214!!!

I just woke up early morning of the sale, and I was not expecting to see this La Mer Mini Miracles Collection ($156 value for $85). I have never owned full sizes of the Soft Cream or The Eye Concentrate, but I’ve used up deluxe samples of both and loved them. In fact I remember that I treated myself by using them in the hospital when I had Evie!

Or if you are already a massive La Mer fan, you can get the jumbo La Mer jar for $1,045 instead of $1,445.

Wow- this is a really good deal- Bobbi Brown Deluxe Eye & Cheek Set ($380 value for only $98!) Might be a great Christmas gift for a tween just starting to use makeup, or if you just want to start over and consolidate on your own makeup collection. Great for travel! Wait, actually I changed my mind- I think I like the colors in this Laura Mercier Eye & Cheek Palette better and for only $65!

This is new this year- if you are a fan of the amazing (but expensive) Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, they have a duo that also includes a dry shampoo for $60 instead of $90. The Dry Texturizing Spray is pretty much the gold standard for giving body and texture to fine hair!


Stock up on this for your powder bathroom! Really excited about this one. New this year is this Provence Soap Duo – literally everyone I know has this in her powder room, and it’s $30 instead of $46! I always have this kind of soap in my bathroom, and when my guests leave, I actually switch it out for cheap hand soap for my kids to use. Even at the sale price, my kids will not get to use this on the regular. Does anyone else do this? Am I crazy?



So many people are obsessed with that Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45, and they have an awesome refill set that is $40 for a $70 value. If this is one of your staples, stock up!



This might be the best skincare set of the sale- Sunday Riley Triple Threat Set because it contains 3 all-star items. Y’all know I love the Good Genes serum so much to even out skintone and fight lines. Multiple repurchase item for me, and I recommend it all the time to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because lactic acid is a safe way to even out skin tone. The set also includes the CEO Vitamin C serum which I am currently using and I am very impressed. It definitely works better to fade spots than the Timeless and CosrX brands I used prior to it. It also has a sample of her cult fave Water Cream that lots of the skincare bloggers I follow on Instagram use but I have not actually tried myself.

People email me about stretch marks all the time and I didn’t really have a solution until now. The Strialite Stretch Mark Device is on sale and has really good reviews online! If stretch marks are an issue for you, please try it and report back to me!

Ugh I’m such a sucker for a device! But oftentimes they really, truly work and save you tons of money on a derm visit. I think I’m going to try the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System.  It has good reviews and sounds like the suction concept probably works. I’m scared to get my lips injected because 99% of the time it looks like duck lips, so the PMD Device might be a good middle ground.

Ok, finally! I made it through all seven pages of the Beauty section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I tried my best to pick out the best deals, but it might be worth a browse yourself in case there is a cream or fragrance you love that is on there!

As a slightly snarky aside, can we talk about how bloggers are stressing me out with their “tips for navigating the Anniversary Sale,” and their offers to “walk us through the preview catalog.” Are we training for a Mount Kilimanjaro ascent, or are we online shopping?? We just point and click, right? And if we somehow miss a drapey cardigan on page 26 of the sale, I think we’ll all be ok.

Just make sure you click on MY affiliate links last before your purchase so I get commission for the sale ;)

Happy shopping!







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