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Which Is Better, the NuFace or gloPRO?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately: “If I can only afford to buy only one of the devices you rave about, which one should I get, the NuFace or the gloPRO?” Well, it depends- what is the skin concern that bothers you the most? The Nuface (full review here) is a micro current device, and the gloPRO (full review here) is a microneedling device. Both the Nuface and the gloPRO absolutely deliver on their claims, but they excel at different tasks. Here is the analysis I undertake to decide which device will give you the most visible improvement in your appearance, the Nuface vs. gloPRO:

What’s Your Main Skin Concern?

The beginning of my analysis is- what is your main skin problem that you are trying to improve? Because the gloPRO and the NuFace both excel at different tasks. If your main concern is sagging jowls, like you are noticing your cheeks are a little deflated and dragging down a bit, making your jawline not as sharp as it used to be- then the NuFace is the device I would recommend. I see people on the street I literally want to hold down and NuFace. It really works, both in an immediate, temporary lift after the first use, and also a more lasting lift over time.

If your main concern is pore size and plumping fine lines, then I would recommend the gloPRO. The microneedling device gently creates microscopic injuries in the skin that encourages your skin to product collagen to repair itself. In doing so, it also plumps up your skin, improves fine lines, and makes your pores look smaller (like you put on a sheet mask).

The gloPRO also helps to plump up the hollows under the eyes a bit if you roll it there. It does not plump up the hollows quite as well as using the me Bright Eye Illuminating Device (full review on that here), but it the gloPRO does improve that area somewhat. Lastly the gloPRO also gives a slight lifting effect insofar as your plumped skin will sag less. But the gloPRO does not help the sagging nearly as much as the NuFace does.

Speaking generally, I would guess that the younger demographic would benefit from the gloPRO more, while more mature readers might see more of a visible difference with the NuFace.

Know Thyself:

Another factor to consider is your lifestyle, and how committed you are to using a device regularly to improve your skin. One NuFace treatment cycle takes five minutes. In my personal opinion, the NuFace really needs to be used at least five times a week to improve sagging and then maintain your results. For me, if I skip a day, I can’t tell that much of a difference, but if I go two days with using my NuFace, I start to look more haggard again. It is such a marked difference that I even travel with my NuFace now.

For more low-maintenance girls, I would think the gloPRO is more your speed. You use the gloPRO at night ideally 2 or 3 times per week, but I usually only find time to do it once a week (though every time I do, I think, wow I should do this more). The gloPRO takes about 5 minutes as well, so there’s definitely less of a weekly time commitment with the gloPRO as opposed to the NuFace. I have actually tried using the gloPRO two nights in a row, and it left my skin kind of dry, so I think there are actually diminishing returns if you use it too frequently.

I will say that I feel like the gloPRO is kind of more of a pain in the *ss to get out and use. I keep my NuFace in my top drawer and I go months without charging it. I easily walk around my house doing chores while I NuFace with my other hand. With the gloPRO you have to be plugged in to use it, and you definitely need to be looking in the mirror while doing it unless you want to microneedle your eyeball. Also you have to stop and apply serum (I swear by this serum with my gloPRO) after you roll each section of your face, and the brochure says your skin has maximum capacity to absorb products for 30 seconds after microneedling, so I feel like I am rushing to spread it on my face before I miss the absorption window. Just overall I feel like I have to gear myself up more to use it than I do my NuFace, but there’s no question that there is less of an overall time commitment than with the NuFace.

If you know for sure that you are incapable of sticking with any device regimen, then there are pricey med-spa counterparts to both the NuFace and the gloPRO. For sagging, you could get Ultherapy, which costs in the thousands and I hear is extremely painful. But I’m sure it produces more dramatic lifting results than the NuFace. Instead of using the gloPRO, you could do a SkinPen treatment at a medspa (I have a full review of that procedure here). That will cost around $300, but the pore-minimizing, glowy results will last longer than when you use the gloPRO at home. Of course if you own the gloPRO device, you can use it all the time to approximate the results you would get from an in-office procedure for way less money.

Price of the Devices:

The gloPRO costs $199. I bought my NuFace Mini (and one for my mom) on Amazon for $199 (it is also available for $199 at Nordstrom, but backordered until 3/16/2018). So they are the exact same investment, and of course way less $$$ than their respective med-spa treatments.

Plump, glowy skin after using the gloPRO and Nuface.

Bottom line: if you said you are sending me to a desert island and I only get to take one of my devices, I would [begrudgingly] pick the NuFace. My pores are naturally on the smaller side and I have good skin texture, so the sagging is the skin concern that bothers me the most. Well, that and my dark, sunken under eyes that I’m really loving the me Bright Eye Illuminating Device for! And every time I use my gloPRO, I think to myself, gosh I should really use that more! See, it’s so hard to choose which device is best because they all have their special jobs. For me, I plan to do all three in tandem from here on out, tardy bell be damned.

If you’re still not sure which device would be better for you, feel free to email me at or DM me on Instagram.



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