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Trend: Statement Necklace vs. Pendant Necklace

Should we store all of our statement bib-type necklaces in favor of the long, layered pendant look?  I recently bought two cute necklaces that I wanted to compare.

The Incumbent = Bib-Style Statement Necklace

I’m so sick of seeing those rhinestone, bib-style statement necklaces that J Crew has been pushing season after season.  Surely these are out by now.

Oh, and I’m sure you’ve never seen this necklace before:

The J Crew Bubble Necklace- it’s everywhere!!

Not immune to the Bubble phenomenon

Why, then, did I just buy a new J Crew statement necklace??  So versatile– it goes with nothing so it goes with everything!

This Fall I want to wear the statement necklace with a slouchy gray sweatshirt and leather skirt like this cute look from Cupcakes and Cashmere:

The Challenger = Long Pendant Necklace

Now consider the long horn pendant that I picked up at Blue Elephant, a cute new boutique from Austin that just opened in Rice Village:

It was $12!  A total steal.
Channeling Miz Richie

When Carly from C Style blog came over to revamp my closet, she paired every outfit with delicate gold layered necklaces.  She is a big advocate of the layered look, and believe me, she knows what she’s doing!

So, what do you think– are you over the statement necklace??


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