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BeautyNow’s Green Juice Reviews

Have you ever been standing in Whole Foods, confronted with a hundred different varieties of organic, fresh pressed juice, and wondered which one is the tastiest? Well, there’s an app for that. Sort of– @beautynowapp tried six different brands of green juice from the Whole Foods produce case and I’m excited to report on all the juicy (ha!) details. Here are BeautyNow’s green juice reviews, based on my experiences over the course of one long, hangry [hungry + angry] day:

Tumeric Elixir of Life Mineral Green Elixir:

Calories in Whole Bottle: 40 cal (12 fl oz.)

Main Ingredients: Coconut Nectar, Tumeric, Ginger, Spearmint

Tumeric Elixir of Life calls its juices “Yoga in a bottle,” which is a pretty bold claim. The tumeric and ginger taste is very spa-like, though, and instantly made me feel smugly virtuous. This must be how Gwyneth Paltrow feels all the time! This green juice was not sweet at all, probably because there is no apple juice in it, yet it was not overly bitter or salad-y. I liked the ginger zing, and I felt like it pepped me up for a bit. Very few calories in this one, but a lot of dietary fiber (6 g). Because there are so few calories, I think this would be an excellent addition to one’s daily routine, maybe a mid-morning “snack” in lieu of that extra cup of coffee.

True Grimmway Farms Bunched Greens:

Calories in Whole Bottle: 195 cals

Main Ingredients: Apple Juice, Banana, Kale, Spinach

The True Bunched Greens is indeed the color green, but it tastes like the Dole orange-banana-pineapple juice boxes I used to drink as a kid. This is more like a fruit smoothie than a green juice, and if I were blindfolded, I would have no idea it is green. I downed this juice in about 1 minute, which is a shame since it is 200 calories. If I’m going to consume that many calories, I’d rather chew on something. Like a Snickers bar.

Whole Foods Green Lemonade:

Calories in Whole Bottle: 200 cals

Main Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, Kale

Main Ingredients: This was super sweet and tasted just like Chick-Fil-A real (not diet) lemonade. I told my son it was “Monster Lemonade,” and he loved it. It seems wasteful to drink so many calories, but if it is an easy way to sneak in greens (especially for kiddos), then I’m all for it. I’m going to start picking this up regularly for my boys.

Evolution Sweet Greens:

Calories in Whole Bottle: 100 cals

Main Ingredients: Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Spinach

The Evolution Sweet Greens tasted identical to the Daily Greens brand (the kale-based “Purity” flavor) that I reviewed in full here.  Very salad-y, nothing “sweet” about it. I’d hate to find out what Evolution’s “bitter” greens would taste like! Not tasty at all, but I was super-hungry at this point in the afternoon so I drank it happily. Blech.

Suja Green Supreme:

Calories in Whole Bottle: 220 cals

Main Ingredients: Kale, Apple, Lemon

This was super sweet– tasted like a tart apple cider, but with a slight broccoli aftertaste. Which is strange since it contains no broccoli, only kale. I have never chugged apple juice so quickly!

Bottom line? Some green juices taste just like apple juice or lemonade, and others taste like dirt-poison. In my opinion, the fruity/sweet ones were obviously more tasty, but they had so many calories that I would prefer to just get the nutrition from the green juice in as few calories as possible. If you go that route, I recommend theTumeric Elixir of Life Mineral Green Elixir.

Happy juicing and Happy New Year!



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